Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mercury Vines

Howdy yall!

I am very excited about my nails tonight, I love the colours and the design. I hope you all are as excited as I am. And can you imagine I almost did not do anything on my nails for the rest of the week. It took me a while to decide what to do. But... here it is 

Ok this week I am going to try and change my layout and not do the numbered step by step thing. Also I made the decision to throw out my Sally Hansen: Hard as Nails Clear because I have grown to dislike it, and I have decided to use my Shades of The Season Clear.


  • Konad nail stamp
  • Sally Hansen: Hard As Nails Hardener
  • Shades of The Season: Clear
  • Sinful Colors: Mercury Rising
  • Shades of The Season: Glitter Green
  • Kleancolor: Nail to Toe Copycat Hater
  • Bundle Monster: Plate BM03


After applying the beautiful Mercury Rising colour I had added the glitter green tips (a sudden decision). It was an awesome decision in my opinion, it complimented it so well.

When the tips dried I used my Bundle Monster plate and add the stamp with the Copycat Hater, Which also was a wonderful contrast from the base colour and the glitter.

Add clear top coat and as usual clean up as necessary. In my case clean as much as I can without messing up everything. (Which is still not so great). I really hope you enjoyed this design.

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See you next time,

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Review: Sally Hansen: Hard as Nails Clear

Okay so I've been using the Sally Hansen: Hard AS Nails Clear for a while now and honestly I do not like it. At first it is great but after using it 10 times it gets thicker and thicker, and I have never had to add thinner to any of my top coats. It doesn't spread well, if I want it to spread evenly and smoothly then I have to glob it on (I think that is a waste). It takes forever to dry. I do not think I will be buying this again. The next one I'm going to use is the Shades of The Season one that came in the collection and then the Essie which I am anxious to try.

See you all next time!

Pretty in Purple and Pink

This design is quite similar to the design I did a few days ago so I am not going to put any instructions just post the pictures and list the colours and I hope you enjoy it. I have been feeling very 'purpley' this week, so i did another purple polish. :-D 

  • Sally Hansen: Hard as Nails Clear
  • Sally Hansen: Hard as Nails Hardener
  • Kiss: Beach Pink
  • Kiss: Soft Purple
  • Rhinestones
  • Mash Plate: m60
  • Konad Stamper

Friday, February 17, 2012

Pink Night

Howdy partners!!

Just did my toes and I thought I would share. My toes are funny lookin' so don't make fun of them :-p
This pattern is very bright and fun. When you see the finished product please excuse the fact I still cannot clean up properly without messing everything up. Here it goes...


  • Sally Hansen: Hard As Nails Clear
  • Sally Hansen: Hard As Nails Hardener
  • Kleancolor: Sheer Lilac
  • Kleancolor: Metallic Yellow
  • Flirt: Tingling Fruit
  • MASH stamper
  • Mash Nail Plate: Mash-08
  • EBay Nail Plate: M06

  1. Apply Base coat
  2. Apply 1 or 2 layers of base color (Tingling Fruit)
  3. Wait until base color dries properly then apply the first pattern (Sheer lilac stars)

     4.  When the first pattern dries apply the second pattern (Metallic Yellow bubbles)

     5.  When the second pattern dries apply top coat 
     6.  Clean up as needed.
(Please excuse my sad attempt at trying to clean up)

I hope you liked my little idea.
See you when I see ya,

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Purple fun!

Hey everyone,

I know it has been a while but guess what! New polish and fresh nails!!
This is a great fun design and great for every day funky wear for "free spirited" individuals.

  • Sally Hansen: Hard As Nails Clear
  • Sally Hansen: Hard As Nails Hardener
  • Kleancolor: White
  • Spoiled: 2 Weeks Sober
  • Spoiled: Trust Fund Baby
  • MASH Nail Stamper
  • EBay Nail Plate

  1. Apply base coat
  2. Apply 1 or 2 layers as needed of base colour.
  3. While base colour dries paint the thumb with the glitter (Trust Fund Baby)
  4. When base colour has dried use stamper and apply the chosen design to the index finger in the corner.

    5.  Apply Top coat to dry nails for the perfect shine.
    6.  Clean up as needed.

I hope you enjoyed! 
See you next time,

New Polish!

Hey everyone,
I know it has been a while since I last posted but I have a good reason :-)
I've been sick so me being sick and smelling nail polish never a good mix. I am sooooo sorry. But to make it up to you I went out and bought some new polish and used 2 of them. This post will only be the new polish.

They are a brand called Spoiled, saw them in CVS for $2.99, thought that was a great price and decided I'd buy them and try them.

These are their names in order:

  • Trust Fund Baby
  • 2 Weeks Sober
  • Pet My Peacock
  • Jewelery Heist
See you later,