Thursday, March 29, 2012

Feeling Patriotic

Hello lovelies,

I really like my nails today, when I did this I was feeling very patriotic. As many of you would know I am Jamaican and you already know what colours this is going to involve. I was inspired by Nail Polish War's 'For Your En-Zoya-Ment'. Great nail artist to follow.

Here are the tools I used:

Kleancolor: Black
Kiss Nail Art Paint: Gold Glitter
NYC: High Line Green
Milani: Yellow Whiz
Hard Candy: Matte-ly In Love top coat
Beauty Secrets: Base coat
MASH dotting tool

First of all I hate cleaning up black nail polish (Kleancolor: Black). The first picture is what it looks like before I clean up...or my attempt to clean up HA!

Then I add the yellow dots (Milani: Yellow Whiz) using both sides of the dotting tool just to get different sizes.

I then repeated the same thing except with the NYC : High Line Green.

Even though that completed the flag colours, it felt incomplete, so I decided to use some gold glitter to put some real gold in it (the colours are after all really black, green and gold). 

I decided to try my new Hard Candy: Matte-ly In Love matte top coat and I must say I do love how it came out. However I guess I didn't really wait long enough for the dots to dry and some of the dots dragged just a little bit but not noticeably that I had to rub it off. 

So I guess my one advice is to let it dry a little longer to ensure it is completely dry before applying the top coat.

I hope you enjoyed this entry... I did ;-)

Take care,

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shiny Penny

Hi everyone,

sorry I haven't been posting any nails in a few days. I've switched computers and trying to get all my stuff transferred to my new one including my programs I use to edit. 

but anyway, I painted my nails with Nina Ultra Pro: Shiny Penny, which is a lovely brownish-bronze-y colour with a very subtle shimmer in it, that you really see in the picture with the flash. Anyway, take a look-see.

(click picture to enlarge)

This polish went on very easily, I applied 2 coats just for good measure, one coat seemed a little transparent. Fairly easy to cleanup. I used Beauty Secrets base coat and Oh So Wet! top coat, which dries quickly but does not leave that glassy shine I wanted when I bought this.

This polish is lasting longer than I expected... I'm going on to day 4 now with just one very unnoticeable chip I got when I hit my hand.

See you next time and take care,

Matte-ly In Love

Howdy yall...

Today as usual wnt to the supermarket and bought at least one item relating to nails from there. Today is was Hard Candy's Matte-ly In Love matte top coat. It is my first matte anything, I am so excited to try it out. It had cost around $5.00, I know it sounds much, well to me it sounds like a lot for a nail polish ( I don't normally spend over $3.00 for anything, if it's valued more than that then it was probably a gift.). Well regardless, as soon as I use it I will let you know if it was worth it and how much I love it.

Sorry about the quality of the picture, I took it with my phone just because I wanted to post it quickly.

See you later,

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Random Haul

Hello my dears, 

This week I went to Sally's Beauty Supply bought a few stuff and then walked to the Ross in the same plaza, I may have gone a little over board when I went to Ross because I ended up buying quite a bit of nail polish sets. (They were just so affordable I could not help myself.)

Color Club BOHO collection set 1 ($7.99)
nomadic in nude
earthy angel
new bohemian
shabby drab
rad nomad
red-ical gypsy
stuck on yu basecoat.

JLB Nail Lacquer ($6.99) (NL=Nail Lacquer... creatively named)
NL 01
NL 02
NL 03
NL 04
NL 05
NL 06
NL 07

LA Colors Limited Edition Fairytale Color Craze ($5.99)
(I had emailed LA Colors asking for the names of the individual colours but they said they don't have names, and that they only come in that set and cannot be bought individually.)

BB Paris collection minis (Believe Beauty) ($5.99)
Hot Tamale
Key Lime Pie


Nina ultra pro: 
  • Fuchsia rage
  • Blu Blaze
China Glaze Hunger games collection: 
  • Luxe and Lush
Beauty secrets base coat
Beauty Secrets Acetone

Oh So Wet top coat

I have already used the top coat, base coat and the new acetone (not pictured here). The base coat seems to go on nicely, so does the top coat which is quick dry that I did notice worked well, but when it came to having that wet look I wanted it did not live up my expectations at all but a good buy nonetheless. 

When I did my nails after I bought the new acetone I was using my old acetone (Equate Acetone I bought in Wal-Mart) to clean up at first and I had found that my brush was getting stiff and sticky no matter how I wiped and soaked it in the acetone I had, then something in my mind told me to try the new one, and when I did, OH MY! what a difference it made. It was as if the stickiness and stiffness dissolved. On top of that it cleaned so easily and smelt better then my other acetone.

Hope you enjoyed my rant and spending,

Red Heart

Hi everyone,

As I said in my previous post I will be keeping it simple over the next couple weeks, mostly doing swatches and maybe the occasional simple stamp on a finger or two. But this doesn't go for my toes, so those will still be coming up.

I have also gotten better with cleaning up my nails and even better with real acetone...anyway I will elaborate on that in my next post pointing out the differences I saw.

To day I used Kleancolor: Red Heart.

I loved this colour, it is so radiant. However, I did find it a little hard to clean up, hence the reason it looks a little untidy.

I really do like this colour, which is strange for me because I don't normally like red on my nails.

That's it for now, Take care,

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Join the "Conga Line"


This is going to be a short one today. I decided to keep it simple for the next couple days and do simple swatches of some of the polishes I've never used. 

Today I decided on Confetti: Conga Line, which is a beautiful tone of orange with a hit of shimmer in it. I found that it went on very easily and could have only used one coat but I decided on 2. 

At first my initial idea was to do a gradient, which I had started to do on my thumb, but I didn't like it, so I ended up just staying with the one colour. I feel good keeping it simple, just for a while.

I hope you enjoyed this even though it is different from what I normally do.

P.S. Did you notice I'm getting the hang of this clean up thing? ;-)

See you later alligator,

Monday, March 19, 2012

Luck of the Irish

Howdy yall!

 I know I'm late with posting this but I honestly haven't had the time. But now it's here and that's all that matters...right? :-D

Okay, so I did an Irish theme for St. Patrick's Day, and I thought it came out pretty good.

  • Sally Hansen: Hard as Nails Hardener Clear
  • Shades of the Season: Clear
  • Shades of the Season: Green Glitter
  • Kleancolor Nail to Toe: Popping Green
  • NYC: High Line Green
  • Rimmel French Manicure Pro: French Lingerie 
  • Bundle Monster Plate: BM03
I liked the way this looked on its own but I figured I'd continue with the original idea and do a little more. add some glitter and pizzazz! Hehe (NYC High Line Green for tips)

So I added the design from Bundle Monster Plate design (BM03) (Kleancolor Popping green for design). Wait for everything to dry well and applied the Green Glitter to all green areas.

I Hope you enjoyed this design as much as I did.

See you next time,

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Polish AGAIN!


Seriously, I think I have a problem now, I keep buying nail polish when I honestly don't need it. But as usual I just can't help myself. But anyway went to the supermarket and ended up buying nail polish. My reason for it is that I needed nail polish for St. Patrick's Day and Easter. LOL Best reasons ever.

In order from left to right: Milani Jewel FX: Fuchsia, Milani: Yellow Whiz, Revlon: Sassy, and NYC: High Line Green.

I cannot wait to try them out and do my St Patrick's Day and Easter experiments!

See you soon,

Monday, March 12, 2012

Silver Has Fun

Howdy yall!

Today I did something simple pattern with a number of colours with the base colour  being the same silver I have on my fingers (I really do love that silver).

  • Kleancolor: Cobalt
  • Kleancolor: Neon Aqua
  • Kleancolor: Metallic Pink
  • Kleancolor: Silver
  • Sally Hansen: Hard as Nails Hardener
  • Shades of the Season: Clear
  • EBay Fauxnad Plates: m63 & m12
  • Konad Stamp

As you can see the pattern is pretty, but also my clean-up method is really no method at all besides when I shower it washes off. I give up the whole clean-up thing. HA!
I used the Cobalt and Neon Aqua for the first pattern and the Metallic Pink for the second. I like using the Kleancolor brand to stamp, but the Cobalt colour is very translucent and doesn't show up as bright as I'd like it to. Still like the design though, hope you do too.

Love you lots,

Every Black Flower has a Silver Lining

Hi everyone!

Today I tried something a little different. I've never used stamping on every finger before because I find it difficult, but it didn't turn out too bad. I am going to attempt again one day soon. But for now here is my first attempt at stamping every finger.


  • Kleancolor: Black
  • Kleancolor: Silver
  • Sally Hansen: Hard as Nails Hardener
  • Shades of The Season: Clear
  • Mash double sided stamper
  • EBay Fauxnad Plate: m57

Honestly I love this colour, I think it is so beautiful by itself.

Well as you can see i didn't exactly put the pattern on properly, but it came out pretty well. What I did was use the ends of the patterns and placed them in the corners. On some of my fingers I did not line it up well.

All in all it was pretty nice and hasn't started chipping yet. 
Until next time...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Princess Pink Nails

When I first did this I was soooooo proud of them. I just thought they were extremely pretty, after 1 day I began to get tired of them and rubbed them off. But they were still nice. I ended up going almost a week without doing my nails.


  • Sally Hansen: Tough Chick
  • Shades of the Season: Silver Glitter
  • Shades of the Season: Clear
  • Sally Hansen: Hard As Nails Hardener

This is such a beautiful colour. Lovely pink. Only required 1-2 coats.

This picture was taken with a flash.

This one was taken in natural light, which looks a lot better than with the flash.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Great Review by Canadian Nail Fanatic

I just read a GREAT review by Canadian Nail Fanatic on using alternative brands for nail stamping aside from using the expensive Konad special nail polish (which I have never used as it is too expensive for me).

Surprisingly enough the one she preferred aside from the Konad was the brand I use which is Kleancolor. I love using the Kleancolor brand for any stamping I do, as a result of that I probably have about 18 Kleancolor colors. The Sheer Lilac is a lovely color to use when stamping.

Here is the Kleancolor Sheer Lilac:

She had also mentioned Wet n' Wild brand, which I really do not like for stamping. Whenever I use it it tends to peel and not stick to the nail properly and I end up having to use and orange stick to tap it down. She mentioned as well, how faint it was as a black polish, I also had this issue and using the Kleancolor was amazing to me when I switched.

 Anyway enough of my rambling, I will post the review link below.

Canadian Nail Fanatic: Stamping Polishes Comparison

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Small Haul

Hey my lovelies,

Today I went to the supermarket and could not stop myself from heading over to the beauty section and picking up a few nail polishes. UGH...I think I have an addiction to buying nail polish. Anyway here they are,  I hope to do some swatches or use them in some other way soon.

They are (left to right):

  • NYC: Sidewalkers
  • NYC: Starry Silver Glitter
  • Pure Ice: Busted
  • Pure Ice: Spit Fire
  • Sally Hansen Crackle: Snow Blast

See you later!