Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Challenge 1: Love & Life

Hi everyone...I was supposed to post this yesterday but my day got sooooo busy I couldn't even post it, and the funny thing is that I did my nails from Thursday night. But with further delay here it is My first in Spring Challenge by Purpler Glitters.

The first theme is Love and Life, the colour combination I chose was Pink and Orange.


  • Bundle Monster Plate: BM 03 
  • MASH Plate: m 63
  • JLB 04
  • Confetti: Conga Line
  • Nina Ultra Pro: Fuchsia Rage
  • Shades of the Season: Glitter Pink
  • Konad Stamp and Scraper

Base Colour:
This base colour was a beautiful light colour, however it was the first time using this brand (JLB) which was not very smooth but I made it work, don't think I'd buy this brand again.

I saw this pattern and decided to use it from my MASH plate set m63. I used the Shades of the Season Glitter pink and i thought it came out sooooo lovely.

I then added these cute little hearts from my Bundle Monster plate BM 03 using Confetti's Conga Line which is a lovely shimmery orange. This came out very cute.

Ok this is where I went wrong, u added the additional heart with wings using the same Bundle Monster plate which I do think was a bad decision using the same Confetti Conga Line. I then use the Nina Ultra Pro: Fuchsia Rage to fill in the heart(another bad decision.) 

Here is the finished product with the flash.

All in all I love the fingers but not the thumb, I think I took it a little too far.

Anyway, that's it for now...see u for the next Spring Challenge on the list.