Monday, April 30, 2012

New Bohemian

Hey everyone,

I'm at polish number 3 in the Color Club Boho collection. This one is a beautiful minty colour which has really grown on me, called New Bohemian.

It went on a little streaky and it took 3 coats to get complete coverage, but still love the colour.

See you later for the last of the Spring Challenge,

Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring Challenge 4: Bugs! (Yucky!)

Hello peoples,

UGH! i'm like an hour late. But anyway here it is. It is not what I wanted it to be. :-( It was extremely messy and it was my first time working with this glue and glitter, first attempt=FAIL! The color scheme I chose was blue and purple.


  • Simple Pleasures: purple
  • Color Club: Trippie Hippie
  • Recollections glitter: Peacock
  • MASH fan brush
  • Best Glue Ever
  • Bundle Monster: Gems

For the base colour I used the Simple Pleasures purple polish. It is a very nice and smooth polish but the brush that it comes with is the worst thing ever, so if you do buy this set or brand, I would advise to buy a brush to use with it or borrow one from an old bottle, just avoid using the brush it came with, however I did work with it, took some patience but it worked.

I used the Color Club's Trippie Hippie to sponge on to create a gradient (attempted to make a gradient). Then I used the Best Glue Ever to try and draw on my creepy crawlies, and then sprinkle the glitter on and lightly use the fan brush to brush away the excess. I do think I went a little too heavy on the glue because I ended up brushing the glue and glitter and scrambling it up. (Pictures of the creepy crawlies are below saying what they were supposed to be.)

I added some gems by Bundle Monster.

This is the finished product with the flash.

I attempted to make a spider and smushed all the glue, when I mashed it up I had to use a little of the Trippie Hippie to outline it.

This was an ant..a very pretty ant...hehe. this one came out a little better, but not how I wanted it,, you get the idea.

See you later,

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rad Nomad

Hi everyone,

I really like the Color Club BOHO collection and I would really like to finish a complete swatch of the collection by the end of next week the latest.

Today I did Rad Nomad which is a beautiful dark purple/gray and in dim light will look a little dark brown but still have a hue of purple.

It went on very smooth, it took 2 coats to go on fully without any transparent areas.

I also took a picture of the bottle and my nails with the flash so you can see what I meant by the different colours.

I hope you will like this collection as much as I do.

Also I wanted to announce my first give away is coming up, I am going to start it May 1st, I will show you what the prizes will be in another post tomorrow.

See you later,

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Video Haul: Michael's, Dollar Tree, Ross, Sally's, Kroger, and Amazon

Hi everyone,

I did a haul recently and I decided to do a video of it to show you what I got. I apologize for my hair in advance, it has a mind of its own and it just gets worse throughout the video. In my defense it was 2am when I did this video.

And a correction: the Sally Hansen nailgrowth miracle actually cost me $5 not $7 dollars from Kroger with the coupon.

I hope you enjoy my first video. If you have any questions please feel free to ask and also I wanted to do an introduction video so you can "meet" me, so if you have any personal questions feel free to ask and if I can answer it I will.

Enjoy the video,

Nomadic in Nude

Hello lovelies,

Just wanted to show you the colour I have on now. I just love this colour, It is called Nomadic in Nude and it is from the BOHO collection by Color Club.

This is the same colour taken with the flash so you can see what it looks like in harsh light.

It is just a simply beautiful colour.

Hope you love this colour as much as I do.

See you tomorrow,

Spring Challenge 3: Fruits and Dots

Hi everyone,

I am so sorry I'm late with this, I was in the process of moving from one apartment to the other, and I had some school assignments due so those had to be priority. To make up for my lateness I had done 3 things for you: This challenge, a look at a colour I had previously purchased, and also a video haul. Of course they will be separate posts and they won't all be chucked up in this one post. 

Anyway, without further a due here is Challenge 3: Fruits and Dots. The colours I had chosen was yellow and green. I honestly did not like the way they turned out, so I ended up rubbing them off afterward. I was also rushing so please excuse if I didn't clean up my nails.

  • MASH dotting tool
  • Bundle Monster plate BM04
  • EBay plate m30
  • Kleancolor: Popping Green
  • Kleancolor: Black
  • Milani: Yellow Whiz
  • Rimmel: French Lingerie

And it Begins...

I first did a single coat of Rimmel's French Lingerie

Then added so dots using the Yellow Whiz at the top and The Popping Green at the bottom.

Then I added another layer of the French Lingerie just to lightly show the dots through.

Then I added more dots on top of that layer being careful not to really cover the underlying dots.

Then lastly, I added my fruit stamps in the Black. I honestly did not like the way it turned out, and you could probably see I tried it with the white stamp at first but that didn't work out too well.

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Thanks for stopping by,

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hi everyone!

I was nominated by Hema from Rainbow Nails for The Versatile Blogger Award... Just like her I am so excited to receive my first blogger award.

Here it is:


  • Thank the person who nominated you and give them a shout out
  • State 7 Random facts about yourself
  • Pass on the award to 10-15 bloggers
  • post the award pic to your blog

Seven random facts about me:
  • My home country is Jamaica
  • I love photography
  • I love shopping 
  • I love my boyfriend
  • I dislike going through immigration at the airport
  • My favourite dish is curried goat and white rice
  • I used to model
The 10 bloggers I award:

Thanks again to Hema :) 

Until next time ladies :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Challenge 2: Flowers and Stripes

HI everybody!

So excited about today's submission for the Spring Challenge by Purple Glitters. This challenge was stripes and flowers and the colour combination I chose was pink and green.
I really hope you like what I came up with.


  • NYC: High Line Green
  • Kleancolor: Popping Green
  • Milani Jewel FX: Fuchsia
  • Wet n' Wild: Dreamy Poppy
  • MASH dotting tool

HEre is the base colour which is the NYC High Line Green. And please excuse the smudge on my thumb that you will see throughout. :-D

Next I used the Kleancolor Popping green on 2 fingers.

Added the Milani Fuchsia... not too sure if I had liked it at first but in the final product I fell in love with it.

HEre is the finished product, which you can see I added the tiny flowers using my MASH dotting tool witht he colour Dreamy Poppy by Wet n' Wild.

HEre is the final product with the flash (which makes me look extra white...ugh)

I am soooo happy with the way this turned out. I hope you enjoyed this as much I did.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Challenge 1: Love & Life

Hi everyone...I was supposed to post this yesterday but my day got sooooo busy I couldn't even post it, and the funny thing is that I did my nails from Thursday night. But with further delay here it is My first in Spring Challenge by Purpler Glitters.

The first theme is Love and Life, the colour combination I chose was Pink and Orange.


  • Bundle Monster Plate: BM 03 
  • MASH Plate: m 63
  • JLB 04
  • Confetti: Conga Line
  • Nina Ultra Pro: Fuchsia Rage
  • Shades of the Season: Glitter Pink
  • Konad Stamp and Scraper

Base Colour:
This base colour was a beautiful light colour, however it was the first time using this brand (JLB) which was not very smooth but I made it work, don't think I'd buy this brand again.

I saw this pattern and decided to use it from my MASH plate set m63. I used the Shades of the Season Glitter pink and i thought it came out sooooo lovely.

I then added these cute little hearts from my Bundle Monster plate BM 03 using Confetti's Conga Line which is a lovely shimmery orange. This came out very cute.

Ok this is where I went wrong, u added the additional heart with wings using the same Bundle Monster plate which I do think was a bad decision using the same Confetti Conga Line. I then use the Nina Ultra Pro: Fuchsia Rage to fill in the heart(another bad decision.) 

Here is the finished product with the flash.

All in all I love the fingers but not the thumb, I think I took it a little too far.

Anyway, that's it for now...see u for the next Spring Challenge on the list.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Toes

Hi everyone,

I'm so sorry that I haven't done anything lately, I'm trying to keep my finger nails clean until the 14th for the Spring Challenge by Purple Glitters. I'm so excited about it. But anyway, while leaving my nails clean it was time for my toes to get a little attention. 

I did the same patern I had on my fingers last time but with more spring colours. I really love this pattern.


  • Milani: Yellow Whiz 
  • Kleancolor: Neon Aqua (The blue colour)
  • Shades of the Season: Powder Pink
  • Revlon: Sassy (green dots)
  • Confetti: Centerstage (the base colour purple)

Here's a close-up of the pattern.

I really love this purple, it is so smooth and shimmers in the light.

Look out for the upcoming challenges!!
And also I'm gaining more followers and I am sooo excited about that. Once I reach 50 or100 followers I hope to hold my first giveaway.

See you soon!