Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring Challenge 4: Bugs! (Yucky!)

Hello peoples,

UGH! i'm like an hour late. But anyway here it is. It is not what I wanted it to be. :-( It was extremely messy and it was my first time working with this glue and glitter, first attempt=FAIL! The color scheme I chose was blue and purple.


  • Simple Pleasures: purple
  • Color Club: Trippie Hippie
  • Recollections glitter: Peacock
  • MASH fan brush
  • Best Glue Ever
  • Bundle Monster: Gems

For the base colour I used the Simple Pleasures purple polish. It is a very nice and smooth polish but the brush that it comes with is the worst thing ever, so if you do buy this set or brand, I would advise to buy a brush to use with it or borrow one from an old bottle, just avoid using the brush it came with, however I did work with it, took some patience but it worked.

I used the Color Club's Trippie Hippie to sponge on to create a gradient (attempted to make a gradient). Then I used the Best Glue Ever to try and draw on my creepy crawlies, and then sprinkle the glitter on and lightly use the fan brush to brush away the excess. I do think I went a little too heavy on the glue because I ended up brushing the glue and glitter and scrambling it up. (Pictures of the creepy crawlies are below saying what they were supposed to be.)

I added some gems by Bundle Monster.

This is the finished product with the flash.

I attempted to make a spider and smushed all the glue, when I mashed it up I had to use a little of the Trippie Hippie to outline it.

This was an ant..a very pretty ant...hehe. this one came out a little better, but not how I wanted it,, you get the idea.

See you later,


  1. My stuff always comes out best second time around. The only problem is finding the time to try it again with so many new ideas. I love the purple, as always. :)

  2. Same here...and yes other stuff ALWAYS comes up lol, I'm sure I will try the technique again but probably not the same design or not both at once, either gradient OR glitter, for now til I get the hang of it. N thanks dear :D

  3. Hello, there is a reward for you on my blog! ;P