Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rad Nomad

Hi everyone,

I really like the Color Club BOHO collection and I would really like to finish a complete swatch of the collection by the end of next week the latest.

Today I did Rad Nomad which is a beautiful dark purple/gray and in dim light will look a little dark brown but still have a hue of purple.

It went on very smooth, it took 2 coats to go on fully without any transparent areas.

I also took a picture of the bottle and my nails with the flash so you can see what I meant by the different colours.

I hope you will like this collection as much as I do.

Also I wanted to announce my first give away is coming up, I am going to start it May 1st, I will show you what the prizes will be in another post tomorrow.

See you later,

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