Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Challenge 3: Fruits and Dots

Hi everyone,

I am so sorry I'm late with this, I was in the process of moving from one apartment to the other, and I had some school assignments due so those had to be priority. To make up for my lateness I had done 3 things for you: This challenge, a look at a colour I had previously purchased, and also a video haul. Of course they will be separate posts and they won't all be chucked up in this one post. 

Anyway, without further a due here is Challenge 3: Fruits and Dots. The colours I had chosen was yellow and green. I honestly did not like the way they turned out, so I ended up rubbing them off afterward. I was also rushing so please excuse if I didn't clean up my nails.

  • MASH dotting tool
  • Bundle Monster plate BM04
  • EBay plate m30
  • Kleancolor: Popping Green
  • Kleancolor: Black
  • Milani: Yellow Whiz
  • Rimmel: French Lingerie

And it Begins...

I first did a single coat of Rimmel's French Lingerie

Then added so dots using the Yellow Whiz at the top and The Popping Green at the bottom.

Then I added another layer of the French Lingerie just to lightly show the dots through.

Then I added more dots on top of that layer being careful not to really cover the underlying dots.

Then lastly, I added my fruit stamps in the Black. I honestly did not like the way it turned out, and you could probably see I tried it with the white stamp at first but that didn't work out too well.

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  1. Cute! I was a little late too but at least we got it done ;)