Saturday, March 10, 2012

Great Review by Canadian Nail Fanatic

I just read a GREAT review by Canadian Nail Fanatic on using alternative brands for nail stamping aside from using the expensive Konad special nail polish (which I have never used as it is too expensive for me).

Surprisingly enough the one she preferred aside from the Konad was the brand I use which is Kleancolor. I love using the Kleancolor brand for any stamping I do, as a result of that I probably have about 18 Kleancolor colors. The Sheer Lilac is a lovely color to use when stamping.

Here is the Kleancolor Sheer Lilac:

She had also mentioned Wet n' Wild brand, which I really do not like for stamping. Whenever I use it it tends to peel and not stick to the nail properly and I end up having to use and orange stick to tap it down. She mentioned as well, how faint it was as a black polish, I also had this issue and using the Kleancolor was amazing to me when I switched.

 Anyway enough of my rambling, I will post the review link below.

Canadian Nail Fanatic: Stamping Polishes Comparison

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