Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cosmic Sponging

I know! 2 days in a row! :p

Hi everyone!

Today I tried out sponging for the 3rd time and this is the first successful attempt, it wasn't a gradient but I like it. :D

I tried to accomplish a spacey kind of look. Everything else came out good except the stamping in my opinion. Let me know if you liked the stamp or not.


  • Konad stamper & Scraper
  • EBay plate m39
  • Simple Pleasures white polish
  • Sally Hansen: Celeb City
  • Kleancolor: Pearl Pink
  • Kleancolor: White
  • Spoiled: Checkin' Into Rehab
  • Sinful Colors: Let Me Go

Ready! Set! Go!

The Base colour was Spoiled: Checkin' Into Rehab, which I applied 2 coats of, which still ends up being a translucent but dark enough. It is a very lovely colour. I plan on wearing it on its own very soon.

I then sponged it with the Pearl Pink, and the Simple Pleasure white polish. (The reason I had used simple pleasures is because it is a very thin polish and I didn't want it heavy like the Kleancolor White polish.)

Next I used Sinful Colors Let Me Go, which is a very psychedelic polish, fairly transparent that a little shows through, but still too heavy to leave alone for what I wanted.

Sooo... I sponged again one more time and I think it was the topping on the cake.

I then stamped with the design that I thought would have looked good, but I was not too happy with the way it came out. I used a mixture of Celeb City and Kleancolor White to stamp. Top coat and finished!

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. ;-)

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See you later,

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