Sunday, May 20, 2012

I love GOLD...and purple!

Hello ladies,

Well, I did my toes that have been naked maybe 3 weeks because I had hit my toe and the nail went down down down, it still looks awkward which is why I had chosen a colour that might not be too noticeable. 

Like I said I did my toes but not very well, by the time I was done and went into proper light I realized my toes had ridges and I messed up the polish a bit. I hope you like the design minus the mistakes I made due to terrible lighting in my living room.


  • Konad scraper & stamper
  • Gems
  • EBay nail plat M64
  • Maybelline Color Show: Bold Gold
  • Wet n' Wild: Buffy the Violet Slayer

So on to it then!

Ok, here is Le base color which is the Bold Gold, This a very pretty colour but I think it goes on a little tiny bit streaky at first but after it dries it doesn't look that way.

Added the pattern using the Buffy the Violet Slayer which smudged when I stamped it, but it only happened on this toe, it might have been my fault, I may not have scraped it properly.

I then added 4 gems one on each of the 3 dots and one in the middle of the flower, which looked really great, but unfortunatly I added my top coat a little too soon and it smeared my stamp. I always do that, it's like I get anxious and just add the top coat.

Anyway, regardless of my mistakes I hope you enjoyed this post :-)

See you next time,

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